A Day In the Life of a Realtor

A Day In the Life of a Realtor

Being a Realtor is not limited to selling houses; if you think so, you will be more busy sitting at home than actually selling houses as you won’t have that much work. Realtors should be able to take great pictures and write very good descriptions. Why that?

Simply because buyers are easily drawn by the pictures and title first if you have a low-quality picture and a poorly-written description, your house will be on the market for too long that it will start to be irrelevant. You will find yourself forced to lower the prices. So let’s go through what a typical day in the life of a Realtor and the additional skills they should be working on…

 A Day In the Life of a Realtor
A Day In the Life of a Realtor


Some realtors like to begin the day by checking their emails and e-mailing and phoning potential clients. This process is called ‘prospecting’- they may be contacting their friends, families, or people they know, but they can also contact people they do not know at all, called ‘cold leads’. This is the basis of all careers as; if they are no clients, there will be no income, especially for people new in the profession as they don’t have a client base.


After hours and hours of prospecting – looking for new clients, a Realtor will use their afternoon to meet their current clients who are trying to buy a new house, or if they are working with a seller, they may spend the afternoon working on house description or taking pictures to list houses online.

Photographing sessions may include house staging to make the house appear more appealing to buyers, or it can simply be a meeting with the sellers to talk about different topics such as prices, listing, and goals. If the clients are new to the home selling sphere, they may have many questions, and a Realtor should take the time to answer them all to clear any doubt as the process can be very dreadful for some.

A Realtor also spends their time researching new homes for buyers. Depending on the state, they carry some visits; in some, you have to contact the seller, or in others, the Realtor may have unlimited access to the house.


Most of the time, the end of the day will be more chill than the beginning. As we started with socializing, we will end with socializing through social media or by improving your website. Nowadays, realtors will find their clients mostly online and vice-versa, so they better have a clean and good online profile. They are realtors who contact other agencies to take on their online marketing and branding, but of course, this comes with a cost.

Other Important Skills; 

We tried to depict the day of a Realtor but keep in mind that this is not all that they do; there are a lot of processes. As mentioned before, it is not just selling and buying; there are a lot of skills that are important for a Realtor to be successful;

 A Day In the Life of a Realtor
A Day In the Life of a Realtor


There is a lot of different marketing that exists right now. Far from the only traditional marketing, now we have online marketing, e-mail marketing, and much more. This is a lot of work, from flyers advertisements to website content, as there should be a consistent voice all over the different channels.


When guiding the client into the selling or buying process, a lot of paperwork will follow. You should be able to draft contracts that fit each of the properties you are working with. You should be comfortable with budgeting and other administrative tasks that you must fulfill. This is the least appealing part of the job, but it is very important. You shall be very organized for this one.

Content Creation

This has been mentioned beforehand- either you take someone to do the work. A copywriter or a graphic designer- but you may do it yourself if you have some skills and know-how to use the software.

Being a Realtor is not an easy career choice but a very good one. Like any other job, the job will have ups and downs; it is very rewarding if you work hard for what you want. It can prove itself to be very gratifying, too, as you are helping people find their dream house. Let us know in the comments what you find more appealing about this job…

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