Christian Real Estate Network: Find Christian Realtors

Christian Real Estate Network: Find Christian Realtors

We live in a fast-paced world, the very busy, materialistic and want-it-now world. Life is no more about focusing on small moments and cherishing loved ones. People are not content with what they have. They always need more money and more luxury. They are all in a rat race competing with each other. Everyone wants to be successful and not a good human being, less a believer.

Even the workplace and the business world are prioritizing success, profits and “busyness.” Because, there are the new instruments to measure someone’s worth. Real estate is the finest example of the phenomenon I am describing. It is the latest hot investment trend that can capture interest and lots of millions of dollars. Even if it won’t let you stretch your legs, it could still make you filthy rich.

I’m quite stunned by this new “craze’ and I must say, as a Christian, it becomes difficult to live in such a world. I was raised in a Christian home and when I was a kid, my dad opened his own plumbing business. However, his was different from the other plumbing businesses because he decided to incorporate his Christian faith into his plumbing business network. He was not installing hot water systems in a specifically “Christian” way but his faith used to help drive his business’ philanthropic efforts.

Today, I thought people were too busy climbing the social ladder and making money that they wouldn’t even think of establishing a Christian-based business. So, imagine my surprise when I learned about the Christian Real Estate Network.

What Is It?

Christian Real Estate Network

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about it, but the Christian Real Estate Network is a business organization that operates in the Christian marketplace. It is a referral network that links buyers and sellers with Christian real estate agents. It was founded in 2002 and this great idea came from a father and son team (Bart and Justin Smith).

As a full-time licensed broker, Bart Smith has spent around 50 years of his life in real estate. He has prided himself as a “hands on” agent who has always worked closely with each client through every step of the process. Some of the words that are frequently said of Bart include: professionalism, industry knowledge, excellence in customer service, integrity and godly character. As a Christian, Bart is very active in his church and enjoys spending time with his eight grandchildren.

On the other hand, Justin Smith’s dedication and attention to detail are two of the keys that have made him a consistently recognized licensed broker. He lives in southern with his wife and kids. Like his father, he is also very active in the Christian ministry.

So, the origin of CREN (Christian Real Estate Network) goes back to the time when both father and son decided to set up an association that would be able to help people connect with Christian real estate agents; agents of God that people can trust during one of the most stressful events of life.

Christian Real Estate Network

Since then, the referral network has been able to help more than thousands of people realize their dreams of homeownership. The company has also helped thousands in relocating and even assisted some during their stressful home selling process.

Today, their database of agents goes beyond 4,000 strong Christian agents and they have offices in California, Orange, Colorado and Castle Rock.

Now, let’s go read what clients are saying about them:

“Thank you God for this Christian Real Estate Network and for my Christian agent ! My husband and I had the best time purchasing our home. The agent prayed with us concerning our finding the house in exactly the neighborhood that God wanted us to live in and we believe He answered our prayers.”

“Thank you, and praying God’s continual blessings upon CREN. It has brought such peace and joy to know we can reach out to Godly Christians that operate in integrity and excellence to assist the needs of others. Thank you, and keep up the great work for the kingdom!”

“May God bless my friend who recommended Christian Real Estate Network to me. The agent was such a joy to be around. She was always going the extra mile, I could tell that she wasn’t motivated to sell us something. She just wanted God’s will for our situation. She became a close friend, and a true sister in Christ.”





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