High Value Home Features that Attract Buyers

High Value Home Features that Attract Buyers

In the real estate business, upgrading your property’s features is crucial to attract buyers frequently. However, you must ensure that your home improvement project succeeds in increasing the convenience and functionality of your living space. Let’s take a look at exciting features that will add value to your home now and in the future!


A walk-in closet

A group of researchers conducted a survey and discovered that nowadays, most home buyers find a walk-in closet as a valued asset! You will be surprised to know that buyers can even withdraw from a deal because of the absence of a walk-in closet! It is because many buyers consider using their large walk-in closets differently. For buyers, a walk-in closet represents a private space to get ready or to unwind after a long and tiring day. Also, they find this feature helpful in organizing their wardrobe quickly. Moreover, there is nothing as stylish as a walk-in closet to showcase your elegant clothes and accessories!

Energy efficiency

Home buyers prioritize better energy efficiency as another top home feature and are willing to pay more for it! Also, the Canadian Builders Association recently conducted a study proving that energy efficiency has high demand in the real estate market. The main reasons are the lower utility bills and the eco-friendly lifestyle! Some common preferences of buyers are energy-efficient lighting, appliances, heating, and air conditioning systems. Moreover, modern windows and doors are profitable upgrades too. In addition, home buyers are becoming increasingly aware of home insulation and highly value it as a home feature.


An ensuite master bathroom

Another essential factor for home buyers is an ensuite master bathroom. As you know, an ensuite bathroom comprises of a bathtub, a sink, and a shower and is accessible from the home’s largest bedroom, the master bedroom. Interestingly, some buyers look for an ensuite bathroom with a makeup area and a separate shower enclosure! However, other forward-thinking buyers find it easy to be used when they are old.

A two-car garage

According to surveys, nowadays, home buyers search for homes with a two-car garage. It is because it allows you to park your vehicles indoors securely. Moreover, this spacious garage provides enough room to store your tools and other items. However, if you could renovate your property to make the garage its main entryway, you would attract an incredible number of clients! Also, a beautifully improved garage has become a trending functional extension of your living space.


Hardwood floors

Another valuable home feature to attract buyers is wooden flooring. What makes buyers pay more money for hardwood floors? The main reasons are its fashionable look, ease of cleaning, and durability. Did you know that hardwood floors can last for a lifetime? Another good news is there is a higher demand for authentic hardwood flooring than engineered wood flooring. Thus, the value of your authentic home is becoming higher.

Laundry room

A striking home-selling factor is a separate laundry room. Surveys also prove that due to increasing demands for a laundry room, home builders are incorporating it as an essential part of their building designs. It is also a general preference for middle-aged buyers. However, the younger generation has more affinity for space-saving stacked dryers and washers! In addition, home buyers consider a separate laundry room to be of high convenience and functionality. Moreover, they see it as a special space for sorting, folding, ironing, and other tasks needed to simplify their laundry process.


An open concept kitchen

The latest prominent feature to increase the value of your home is an open concept kitchen. A report from the Canadian Home Builders Association states that most consumers prefer homes with this modern concept kitchen. It is also very famous among younger buyers. Furthermore, it is an attractive selling feature for buyers with kids. In addition, you can impress your clients by making your open kitchen more remarkable with the following upgrades:

  • Kitchen sinks should be double.

  • Your appliances should be made of stainless steel.

  • You can add a walk-in pantry.

  • You can have countertops made of granite, marble, or quart.

  • You can make your cabinetry stylish with modern hardware.

Finally, you have learned about the latest home features that attract more buyers. Investing your money in these improvement projects will definitely work in your favor. Therefore, you are guaranteed a profitable return on investment! Please share your comments below!

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