How Do I File A Complaint Against A Real Estate Agent?

How Do I File A Complaint Against A Real Estate Agent?

Whether you are a buyer, seller or a landlord, if you feel like your real estate agent has violated one or more codes of ethics, do not hesitate to file a complaint against them. And, trust me, filing a complaint against a real estate agent is not that tough.

Consultation With The Agent’s Broker

Consultation With The Agent's Broker

Determine Whether Or Not Wrongdoing Has Occurred

Difficulties in a relationship with a real estate agent are sometimes the result of a simple breakdown in communication. Reestablishing contact may help to clear up any confusion.

However, if you believe your agent has purposefully misrepresented or misled you about anything important (for example, the quality of a piece of property, the willingness of a seller or buyer, or the expenses of services), you should file a complaint.

What a seller considers unprofessional behavior may appear insignificant to real estate experts. Discuss your problem with a neutral third party to get a different viewpoint.

Set Up A Meeting With The Agent’s Managing Broker

The broker is the one who has a fiduciary obligation to you; the agent is just the broker’s employee. As a result, you should convene a meeting and air your grievances. The agent might or might not be asked to the meeting.

Write down your criticisms as well as any additional information that comes to mind. Make a note of the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

Now is the time to experiment with explaining your complaint. You want to be as specific and as clear as possible. Be firm but not irritated.

Collect Supporting Documentation

If you suspect the broker breached the contract, pull out your copy and underline the area you believe was broken. Although the agent’s boss has access to the contract, bringing as much supporting papers as possible would make the meeting go more smoothly.

Lease contracts, sales receipts, and contacts between you and the agent are also significant papers.

Consult With The Broker

If you do not want the agent to come, request that he or she not be there.

If at all feasible, you should agree to have the agent present at the meeting. When the supervisor or manager gets all sides of the issue, problems can be handled more swiftly.

You can also gently address any mistakes in the agent’s description of his side of the tale.

Request Resolving

In addition to filing a complaint against an agent, you can request that the managing broker handle your issue. For example, if the agent failed to disclose a flaw in the house, you might request a decrease in agency fees to compensate.

Be open to compromise. Accepting less than you desire does not preclude you from filing a complaint with your state’s licensing authority.

Request To Speak With A Supervisor

If you believe the meeting did not go well, ask if you may meet with someone else. In huge real estate firms, you are unlikely to meet with the president at first, thus there should be someone else to speak with. Request that you be moved up the chain of command.

Notifying Consumer Protection Organizations

Notifying Consumer Protection Organizations

Check Out The Better Business Bureau

The BBB is the most well-known consumer protection organization in the United States. You may submit your report online at their website.

Enter your zip code after clicking on the name of your county. At the top of the page, choose “Get Consumer Help,” then choose “File a Complaint” from the drop-down option.

If you do not have Internet access, you can register a complaint about the phone by calling the BBB headquarters.

Complete The Online Complaint Form

The complaint form will request basic information such as contact information (for both you and the business) as well as specifics regarding your concern.

Inform The Broker

Even if you do not wish to meet with the agent’s management supervisor or broker, you may nonetheless notify him of your issue. The BBB will submit them the complaint within two weeks.


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