Let’s Talk About the New Requirements of House Rental in France

Let’s Talk About the New Requirements of House Rental in France

Want to know the latest real estate news? You’ve come to the right place. In the article below, we will tell you everything you need to know and on this occasion, we will talk about the fact that France imposes requirements on rental housing. We invite you to read the following post.

If you have been thinking about moving to another country and are looking for an apartment in France, you should know that the real estate market is changing and may cause some setbacks in the coming years. The economic crisis is affecting all of Europe and many countries are now observing how prices are increasing and decreasing every day, this phenomenon is reflected in several parts of the continent and drastic changes must be made, to avoid consequences that can be devastating.

The excess of energy produced in the majority of the rented apartments causes problems to the tenants, so much so that a decision has been taken in this regard. France is imposing requirements on rental housing starting in 2023, so owners of rental apartments will not be able to put their units on the market if they are poorly thermally insulated. If you want to know more about this issue. Keep reading!

France Imposes Requirements on Rental Housing to Prevent Waste

The French real estate market is one of the most important in Europe and the problems that are generated there can have repercussions in other nearby countries. Among the disadvantages that are registered in rental housing is the waste of energy.

For this reason, France imposes requirements on rental housing that will be implemented from next year and which consist in preventing the rental of apartments with poor thermal insulation. This situation of energy waste not only causes big problems in the service, but also consequences on the environment.

For this reason, the government of this country has taken action on this matter and has proposed to stop the poor insulation of properties. It will do this as part of the “energy saving” of homes that consume more than 450 kilowatts per year, in addition to implementing various alternatives to avoid inflation in the real estate sector.

Houses from Class G Not Allowed to Rent As from 2023

France has decided to put an end to rental housing that consumes a lot of energy, which has serious economic and environmental consequences. And, from 2023 onwards, housing with a G label, housing whose energy consumption is higher than 450 kWh/m²/year, in the energy diagnosis will no longer be able to be rented.

To put an end to this situation, it has put a stop to the properties that are characterized by a waste of heat, if they do not change this aspect, they will not be able to be rented.

The year 2023 is just around the corner and there are only a few months left, but landlords who want to rent out their homes will have to make drastic changes to achieve their goal. France has requirements for rental housing and the most important one is that homes that consume more than 500 kilowatts per square meter per year cannot be rented.

This is due to the Climate and Resilience Act that was approved in 2021, where the greening of French society and changing consumption habits is sought.

What Are the Proposals Put Forward to Put an End to Energy Waste?

Changing habits is not a simple thing, even less, if no climate education accompanies it. The world economy has been devastated in the post-pandemic years and the governments of the different countries; they have to plan measures to help the citizens out of the financial crisis.

The prices have not stopped increasing and the inhabitants of France have to make a great economic effort to pay for the energy service. Therefore, solutions are sought to alleviate this situation, one of them is to limit energy consumption and have good insulation of windows and doors, which helps to reduce energy consumption.

Owners who want to continue to rent their homes to future tenants and have a poor energy rating are obliged to carry out insulation work. Otherwise, their homes must leave the real estate market until they comply with these provisions.

What are your thoughts on this matter? And are you thinking of investing in the real estate industry in France? Let us know in the comments below.

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