Selling a House: Step By Step Guide

Selling a House: Step By Step Guide

Selling real estate according to the rules requires adequate preparation and organization. Let’s look at the steps necessary to find a buyer for your home and sell your house on the best terms!

Selling a home involves several steps, including determining a fair price (not too low or too high), developing a sales strategy, preparing administrative documents, and signing a contract.

Emotional aspects must also be considered. This is because a long-lived home often has emotional value, which can cloud the correct pricing. It is a good idea to look ahead to make this period as comfortable as possible. After all, a sale can mean new beginnings, new projects, and often, it can mean new life.

1) Deciding to Sell

At this stage, you have two options: sell it yourself or sell it through a real estate agency. The first option costs less. However, if you hire a real estate company, you can benefit from their expertise and may be able to sell your home for a higher price!

2) Make Your Home More Attractive

Before posting an ad online and arranging a visit, make sure your home looks good: fix broken appliances, give the walls a fresh coat of paint, tidy up every room, and put away excess decorations. During each site visit, ensure the house is clean and tidy and that the home’s advantages (large yard, location, high-performance kitchen, south-facing, etc.) are clearly visible.

3) Determining the Right Price

If selling on your own, consult your neighbors. This is because the value of a property depends above all on its location (more important than the area or general condition). Also, check what is for sale in your area. It is often more difficult for you than for the real estate agent to identify hidden defects and understand the real estate market. Ask your real estate agent to determine the price, and you will quickly learn from their professionalism and care.

4) Creating a Dossier

When selling a home, it is essential to have a complete set of necessary documents (EPB, power inspection, land survey, city planning information, house blueprints, etc.). Also, prepare the invoices and taxes so that you can inform potential buyers.

5) Place an ad

Photographs are essential for advertising. In fact, they are your first link to buyers. Use quality equipment to make your home look its best. Ask a professional to take sharp photos and the best angles. Images should be taken when there is ample outside light.

The ad should include all necessary information (e.g., number of lots, amount of commission, etc., for a joint ownership sale). In this case, adding a virtual visit to the ad is advisable, such as a video or 360° photo of the house.

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6) Sell in Style, Negotiate

Have you received an offer from a potential buyer? That’s good. If the offer is lower than the asking price, do not hesitate to negotiate a higher price. Negotiation is very common in the real estate world. Have you received an offer that meets your asking price? Even better. All that remains is to sign the purchase agreement with the buyer. The completed compromise is prepared following established administrative procedures. Finally, a signature on the deed transmitting the meter reading will occur. It is essential to leave no stone unturned. The sales process must be rigorously managed from beginning to end.

7) Signing The Deed

After the deed is signed, three to four months may elapse before the notary executes the deed. You can prepare to move and find a new residence during this time. Signing the official deed at the notary public’s office signifies the end of the sales project and the beginning of a new life.

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