The Best Countries for Real Estate Investment

The Best Countries for Real Estate Investment

In the field of international investment, buying real estate and renting it has always brought many benefits to those who have shares in the market. However, buying real estate is not always beneficial in all countries, as they have different economic conditions that affect or favor their internal situation.

There are economic studies and data collections that indicate which are the best countries to invest in real estate and which are also used to migrate. If you are interested in buying real estate in another country, pay attention to the countries that offer you the best conditions and a good quality of life. But what are those countries? Perhaps you have no idea but not to worry! In today’s article, that’s exactly what we are going to uncover! Enjoy!

Characteristics of the Best Countries to Buy Real Estate

Research was conducted to establish a list of the best countries to invest in real estate. This was an analysis of the economic and social characteristics that help people have a good quality of life and invest in real estate.

This study was conducted with the support of the Deep Knowledge Group, a consortium of non-profit business organizations with expertise in business. Numerous criteria related to investability, quality of life, and other essential elements for good personal economic development were analyzed.

Approximately 300 data were collected, following 30 parameters which are the ones that established the evaluation method needed for each country. The factor that was taken into account the most was the ease of buying a property, although it is the most expensive element.

When a person is able to invest in purchasing property in another country, they can obtain citizenship more easily and quickly. Within the legal parameters of the first countries in this category, investing in real estate is a legal means of permanent residence.

Also, these countries achieve a very high mobility rate, where people have a better quality of life when they decide to migrate there. On the other hand, worldwide, the search for foreign investment has increased by 80%, whereas it had decreased significantly during the pandemic.

Migration programs have been developed through real estate investments that have improved the possibilities and quality of mobility. A person with multiple passports may find it easier to find a job, invest in businesses, or create a home with their family.

The Best Countries to Buy Real Estate

One of the common elements of these countries is that they achieve a very high GDP index that indicates internal economic stability. The gross domestic product reflects the macroeconomic value of internal productions, that is, the country’s wealth from its own economic activities.

They also coincide with the legal ease of buying real estate, where foreign investors do not have so many obstacles to overcome in order to obtain property in the country. In general, there is no minimum investment amount, which gives the investor more freedom in choosing the property he wants to buy.

Other factors are taken into account: the length of time the property is owned, the possibility of selling it, rental income and residence requirements. And finally, the ease of buying cryptocurrencies in addition to buying properties with them also influences the position of these countries on the list.

Investing in these countries allows for economic growth in the country and for its investor, as the currency used gains strength and international value. That is why many entrepreneurs are interested in acquiring real estate in these places, with the aim of significantly increasing their income in the long term.

Dubai, the Best Country to Invest In

Although many think that it is one of the most expensive countries, the truth is that it is perfect for making investments. The ratio between rental income and price per square meter is perfect, and the costs are low compared to other known big cities.

The currency is very stable, and you don’t have to pay as much tax when buying a property as in other countries.

Buying Property in Spain

In terms of gross domestic product, Spain is the highest country on the list, which shows that it has a good economic stability to live in. This makes it a very favorable country to migrate to and invest in a home, not to mention that its purchase prices remain affordable.

The minimum investment cost is 500,000 euros, and taxes and fees are very low and simple.

Montenegro, a Potential Country for Tourism

Located in the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro has distinguished itself in recent years as an excellent tourist destination thanks to its geographical, climatic and economic characteristics. There is no residency requirement and it is not necessary to own a property for a certain period of time in order to rent it to tourists.

These characteristics attract a lot of attention from large investors and entrepreneurs, especially after the mandatory restrictions put in place in the pandemic.

Turkey and Its Low Costs

Turkey is a good country to buy real estate because it does not have so many legal restrictions, in addition to the fact that it also has low costs to invest economically. On the other hand, its geographical location allows for easy trade with other countries and the constant entry of people into its territory.

The minimum investment cost reaches 250 thousand dollars, a price it shares with Montenegro and facilitates the payment of properties.

Portugal and Crypto-Currencies

Finally, Portugal enters this list of countries for the freedoms it has in front of crypto-currencies when investing for real estate. Its real estate market is considered very healthy, in addition to the fact that its costs are very low, allowing for a strong possibility of sales that can continue to grow.

So in which country have you decided to invest? Let us know in the comments below.

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