Real Estate Agents: Top 5 TED Talks For Upgrading Soft Skills

Real Estate Agents: Top 5 TED Talks For Upgrading Soft Skills

There are many people who are striving to become real estate agents. There has been a consequent growth in the market right now. Prices are on the rise, the sitting time of houses is diminishing and real estate remains one of the most sturdy markets in a world full of uncertainties after the Covid-19.

We can make things even better, even if you are among the top agents of your region there is always a way to get things better. No matter the field whether it is marketing, networking or even when trying to exceed your goals, there should be something that can be done- you can learn from your mistakes but also you can learn from others.

In this article, we will look at 5 different TED talks that will help you upgrade your real estate game to the next level…

Never Split The Difference” By Chris Voss


There is one thing that is important to know when it comes to real estate- everything can be negotiated. You can negotiate on many grounds- commission, home sale and purchasing price. There are many things that can be negotiated and you should be wise enough to know when it is worth the price.

In this video, you will learn how you can leverage techniques developed by the FBI to gain the upper hand during business negotiations. He explains to the audience how the last impression is the lasting impression. It is also important to overcome the fear of rejection and displease the other parties during the negotiation process.

Negotiation is a skill that not everyone has but once learn it can be very valuable to your business. Real estate itself is a profession of negotiations so you’ll have to take over the fear of negotiating.

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Lee Duckworth

Without some grit, you won’t get very far in the real estate business. You’ll get a lot more no’s than yes’s, no matter how good your sales talents are, especially if you’re just starting out.

Angela Lee Duckworth discusses the importance of perseverance and how agents (or anybody) can use their grit to achieve success in whatever they do.

The Four-Letter Code to Selling Anything” by Derek Thompson

It goes without saying that your ability to sell is critical to your success as an agent. Selling oneself is as important as selling properties. Understanding buyer pain issues and how to communicate successfully with those purchasers is essential when selling properties. Selling yourself is done through customer interactions and your reputation in the area you serve.

In any case, Derek Thompson, Senior Editor at The Atlantic, will offer you the four-letter code for selling anything, whether it’s a gorgeous 3-bedroom condo in Hawaii or persuading a seller to give you their listing.

The Skill Of Self Confidence” by Dr. Ivan Joseph

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Consider the top-tier brokers you know. On the surface, they don’t appear to have many physical similarities. They may have unique interests, backgrounds, educational levels, or other characteristics that set them apart from the majority. The best agents, on the other hand, consistently project self-assurance. Dr. Ivan Joseph, Vice-President of Student Affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University, describes how self-confidence is a talent that can be learned just like any other.

How To Spot A Liar” by Pamela Meyer

This 2011 presentation is an oldie but a goodie. As a real estate agent, you’ll eventually come across folks who… to put it delicately… bend the facts. Real estate transactions are frequently high-stakes situations, with more sharks than minnows in most markets. If you don’t know how to recognize a liar or an unethical negotiator, you risk losing money for your clients and damaging your professional reputation.

You can use the tips provided to upgrade your soft skills. Let us know in the comments what the best TED talks for real estate agents…

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