Top 6 Stunning Villas Around The World

Top 6 Stunning Villas Around The World

Luxury villas are often nests to escape stress and return to nature, surrounded by greenery, large windows, and enchanting views and vistas.

We have selected some of the most exclusive villas in the world for you to enjoy.

1) The Shariha Villa

The Shariha Villa in Tehran, by Alireza Taghaboni of Nextoffice Studio, is the most exclusive villa in the world, with two living rooms, closed in winter and open in summer, in the traditional Iranian architectural style. The two basement levels are for leisure and wellness, while the four ground levels are for socializing. It can be rotated, changing the facade and interior design, making the villa a living organism that adapts to the changing seasons. In winter, the rotating rooms are actually contained within the perimeter of the building, while in summer the structure opens up to allow sunlight and air to enter, freeing the terraces.

2) Vincent Coste Studio

In Saint-Tropez, Vincent Coste Studio designed a luxurious villa with a swimming pool. It is a layered architecture consisting of two interconnected volumes, doubling the space between the two floors. The flagship is simply a long suspended pool that anchors the outdoor space, dotted with tables, chairs, and loungers and surrounded by terraces and solariums. The interior, shaded by cotton curtains and pergolas, epitomizes Mediterranean style. Contemporary art-inspired furnishings, including modern sculptures, paintings, and vintage furniture from around the world, complete the works.

3) California

The California villas are not to be missed among the modern luxury villas. That of Oak Pass climbs just outside Beverly Hills, among the silences of centuries-old oaks. Walker Workshop Design Build chose to complement this slice of paradise with glass and concrete:

  • The second-floor living room is sunlit.
  • The bedrooms are in the basement.

The bedrooms are attached to a paved courtyard, and the green-facing, perimeter-glazed living area leads to a panoramic terrace with an infinity pool. The interior is a happy mix of custom walnut wood and modern design furniture in concrete and glass.

Oak Pass Residence – 9601 Oak Pass Rd, Beverly Hills, CA, USA 🇺🇸 – The  Pinnacle List

4) Italian Villas

Among the luxury Italian villas, we present a typical summer villa from the 1970s, designed by Giuliano Andrea del Uva. Overlooking the sea and surrounded by the scent of the Mediterranean, the villa contrasts the tones of the stone floors with the dark gray of the steel and the blue of the block walls that hide the bedrooms, office, and dressing rooms. The furnishings have been carefully selected, as seen in the Verner Panton sofa, Cerruti Baleri chairs, and Antonino Sciortino bookcases. All this for a sense of lightness, making this villa one of the most sought-after luxury villas in Salento .

5) São Paulo

São Paulo is home to Weekend House, an oasis house designed by SPBR Arquitetos that unfolds over two floors and three main elements: a pool, a solarium, and a garden. Sliding windows provide continuity between inside and outside, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors while still in the city. The interiors are minimalist and functional, reflecting the different environments. The rooftop has a long pool with views of the city below.

6) Ibiza

We have selected one of the finest selection of luxury villas in Ibiza. Located in the most rural part of the island, the villa is an old finca converted by architect Pascal Cheikh-Javadi. The rectangular living room, south-facing entrance, and several windows help keep the interior cool. Elegant minimalism blends with traditional architecture by employing local materials and construction methods. The curves of the arched ceilings are complemented by new elements of straight lines and rectangles, creating a contrast between harshness and softness. Tatami mat beds, paper lamps, bright walls, and orderliness add to the sense of calm.

Selection of Fincas for rent in Ibiza

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