Top Reasons to Buy a Condo in Costa Rica

Top Reasons to Buy a Condo in Costa Rica

Owning your own home in Costa Rica is the dream of many people. However, when choosing, aspects such as the stage of life, location, amenities, requirements, the number of plants and rooms available, the possibility or not of having a garden and pets, and financing play a key role, and that is why in this blog we will tell you everything you need to know and take into account when choosing your next home in Costa Rica.



The pros and cons of living in an apartment

Living in a condominium has many advantages and commitments for the owners, and doing so in an area with a privileged location is a significant plus when choosing. That’s why in recent years, the real estate sector in Costa Rica has grown exponentially in terms of condominiums and residential properties. But first things first: what are the reasons for choosing a condo? This question admits innumerable answers since living in this type of housing has endless benefits, and that is why more and more Costa Ricans decide to acquire one to live with their families and watch their children grow.


Advantages of Living in a Condominium

Among the main ones, it is important to highlight:

  • The amenities, such as swimming pool and garden
  • The need for less maintenance, which means optimization of time and resources
  • The security that you feel, not only because of the 24/7 surveillance but also because of the sense of belonging that living in a community provides
  • The possibility of having pets, and
  • The opportunity to lead an active, friendly life with the community members within the framework of clear and defined rules of coexistence and mutual respect.

For this and more, buying a house or land to live in or as a real estate investment is a profitable and safe decision.


Bank Procedures and Credits

Now, if you have already decided to buy a house, you must get advice regarding the possibilities of financing and bank credits to acquire your lot or home with which you have.



According to your needs and those of your family, you will choose to live in the area of ​​Costa Rica that best meets them. In this sense, aspects such as proximity to your work, leisure and shopping centers and schools (if you have children) become essential. In this blog, you will find information that you can take as a starting point to choose the area. The best areas of Costa Rica: Lagunilla de Heredia, Sabanilla de Montes de Oca and Alajuela , among others.

  • San Pablo de Heredia: Cafeto Condominium
  • Lagunilla de Heredia: Quartz Condominium
  • Sabanilla de Montes de Oca: Altadena Condominium
  • Alajuela: Novazul Condominium
  • Desamparados, San José: Fuente de Sol Condominium
  • Brazil of Santa Ana: Altana Condominium



Located in San Pablo de Heredia, Condominio Cafeto is an excellent place to live. It is located in a strategic area close to the most important points and has the best amenities.


Quartz condominium in Lagunilla de Heredia combines modernity and nature. Located near the most important work centers, this complex of houses to live or invest in has properties of 1 and 2 floors.


Altadena Condominium has a privileged and strategic location (in Sabanilla ). Altadena is designed for those who seek tranquillity, security and contact with nature.


Novazul is a real estate project located in Alajuela, developed by Fomento Urbano and characterized by its modern and natural designs. In addition, the condominium has a privileged location because it has several access routes. It comprises 45 lots and 125 houses with one or two floors with four different designs.


Located in Desamparados, San José, Fuente de Sol is close to the main points. It is accessible from different routes and has surveillance, a swimming pool, gym and is pet-friendly, making it an ideal place to live as a family with children.


Strategically located in Santa Ana, Condominio Altana is an ideal real estate development for those who enjoy a warm climate and quiet environments. Among the main advantages of this condominium, made up of 36 flat lots ready to build according to the needs and tastes of each owner, is the impressive view of the mountain and the proximity to different office centers, hospitals and supermarkets.


Decorating Your Condo

33 Apartment Decorating Ideas to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home | Better  Homes & Gardens

Whatever type of home you will live in, or the condominium that best suits your needs – once you have decided, made the purchase and received all the possible advice, you will begin to dream of your home and the moments that you will spend in it. In addition, the decoration of your condo will give it the warmth and distinctive touch you are looking for for your home, reflecting your personality and that of your family.








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