To rent a property, certain mandatory conditions must be observed by the lessor. These various configurations are in the interest, well-being, and great comfort of the future tenant, and they are obviously to be finalized before the rental. What are the obligatory sanitary standards incumbent on the landlord?

The Building Must Respect the Decent Standards


Sanitary Standards

The future tenant must integrate a dwelling equipped with a drinking water supply. The drinking water distribution system must be in perfect condition and ensure an outlet at each distribution point with a sufficient flow. The water piping systems must be in excellent condition and repaired if necessary to avoid the backflow of odors into the home.

The kitchen must be equipped with devices in good condition and provided with a hot and cold water distribution network. Always in the tenant’s comfort optics, the heating system must be operational and reviewed in case of necessity. The price must be set to ensure a suitable living environment for the future tenant.

Equipment for a Comfortable Home

The house intended for renting must have equipment in perfect condition. These are the water drainage systems, the exterior woodwork, etc. These systems must be in good condition to prevent and protect the house from possible water infiltration.

This is the responsibility of the premises owner, and the future tenant must necessarily settle in comfortable sanitary conditions guaranteeing him optimal physical safety. All these systems must be checked and repaired if necessary, before the installation of the new tenant.

The interior sanitary installation, including the toilet, must be separate from the kitchen and the dining room. There must also be a body wash facility such as a bathtub, shower, etc., equipped with a perfect hot and cold water supply. Above all, the bathroom must be fitted with a sewage disposal system.

Other Sanitary Conditions of a Building for Rent

The building intended for renting must also observe minimal sanitary conditions to offer a comfortable environment to the tenant.

Optimal Security

The owner of the premises is required to provide the tenant with a tightly sealed and covered environment. Utility and safety features such as stairs, windows, balconies, etc., must be in perfect condition before rental. The dwelling must be designed with good quality materials that will not affect the physical health of the occupant.

Adequate Comfort

The main rooms of the building must have sufficient natural light and be equipped with an opening to the open air. Accessories such as faucets, switches, door handles, etc., must be ergonomic, practical, and easy to operate. The home must have an efficient ventilation system in perfect condition to allow for air renewal.

How Do I Know if a Rental Apartment Meets the Standards?

The landlord is required to provide a framework that respects specific dimensions typically concerning the house’s main rooms. So before renting, the owner can make sure that the main rooms measure at least 9 square meters with a ceiling height of 2.20 meters.

The habitable volume of the house must be greater than or equal to 20 cubic meters. Regarding the change and control of the outdated equipment such as the traditional shower to the detriment of the modern shower, it will be necessary to:

-Have the installations checked by a professional;

-Request the mandatory technical diagnoses and

-Ask a real estate professional for information.


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