6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your House and Increase Visitors

6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your House and Increase Visitors

6 Ways to Increase the Value of Your House and Increase Visitors

Enhancing the value of your home makes it easier to sell. Even if some expenses are sometimes incurred, it often doesn’t take much to enhance a room, enlarge the space or bring in light. This way, visitors will project themselves more quickly, and you will undoubtedly have several interested parties.

Follow our advice and boost the visits to your home!


1. Restructuring a poorly designed home

Organizing your home different from others can be an opportunity to highlight new assets. We often find that the new layout allows us to gain a room or enhance the volumes.

The development of the attic and the basement is also a solution to gain in surface and thus in value.

To transform restrictive spaces into pleasant and warm living spaces, you can remove a partition. This gives a new perspective and sometimes allows you to benefit from a double exposure in the room, making it brighter.

Good to know: beware of load-bearing structures in co-ownership for which authorization from the general assembly of co-owners is required.

2. Do-it-yourself work for a facelift

More and more people are taking on DIY jobs in their homes, but they leave some finishes unfinished due to lack of time. Remember to finish the work in progress because the visitor will see it immediately and use it to negotiate the price.

A dirty carpet or a defective door handle are all negative points for the seller.

Surfaces are also entitled to a facelift: the simple act of applying a coat of white paint to the walls can improve your property’s assets by giving an impression of brightness and space.

3. Modernize kitchen and bathroom

Ways to Increase the Value of Your House and Increase Visitors

The kitchen and the bathroom are two key rooms: modernizing them is the most profitable solution since it allows you to increase the status of your home.

A kitchen should be practical, but if it is also trendy, your property gains in value. For example, you can change the panels of your cabinets or update your countertops by covering them with quartz.

A stylish bathroom can be a real plus, as long as it is in harmony with the rest of the house: redoing the joints, changing the faucets, whatever you think of as details will make a difference.

Good to know: don’t forget that these 2 rooms must above all be functional.

4. Depersonalize the interior

All tastes are in nature for interior design, but one philosophy is neutrality when you want to part with your property. So do not hesitate to eliminate all the elements of furniture and decoration (photos, souvenirs, knick-knacks…) which overload the rooms.

Free up space by keeping only a minimum of furniture to make the room appear larger.

An overcrowded and untidy home does not invite the visitor to project himself in it.

5. Showing an impeccable home

When selling a home, cleanliness is essential. This may seem obvious, but many owners do not bother to clean up before each visit.

So don’t hesitate to clean the carpet, dust and wax the floor, whiten the joints. Otherwise, you risk giving the impression of not maintaining your home.

Finally, odours play an essential role, so why not light a candle or install a potpourri during the visit?

6. Take into account the exterior (garden or façade)

Before entering the house, the potential buyer must pass by the garden or the yard, and it must make him want to go and see what is going on inside, especially not to turn back. It is therefore vital to have a clean and well-maintained garden.

Start by clearing away clutter that tends to narrow the perception of space. Then mow the lawn, clear the driveway, trim the trees and hedges, collect the dead leaves… Never forget that buyers will always prefer the most pleasant and best-maintained property for the same price!

Finally, put yourself in the shoes of potential buyers or tenants! What would you like to find in this property? Try to be objective and ask the opinion of your friends and family. Don’t forget to leave us your comments below.

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