Everything You Need to Know About The Real Estate World in Melbourne (Part 1)

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to nail a hook into the wall without asking permission! Switching from renting to owning a house is one of the biggest jumps Australians experience in their lives. However, (yes, unfortunately, there’s always an undesired “however”) building your dream house can often turn into nightmares for first-time home-builders. Sometimes, legal and financial factors can complicate the construction process, making it a real challenge, – that’s pretty depressing, but relax, it doesn’t have to be burdensome! The good news is that you can still find a suitable design for your budget. If you’re planning to build the house of your dreams anytime soon, here are some fantastic tips to help you along the way! 

Get All Government Approvals First

Now that you’ve finally got your better half’s parents’ consent to get married and you’re planning to have your dream home, a second test awaits you! (yes, there’s always a second test!) – which is none other than obtaining the government’s permission to build your house! Getting all the approvals from the government and other local authorities is the crux of the process. So, make sure you comply with all building regulations and submit all necessary building permit applications before you build anything!

Know Your Rights!

Building your first home is indeed an overriding financial decision, so it’s a must to understand your financial responsibilities and the assistance available to you. If you are constructing a home worth up to $750,000 in the Victoria area, you may be eligible for a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) and receive $20,000, which could largely offset the cost of your home. If you’re planning to build your future home-sweet-home In the Melbourne CBD or Melbourne eastern suburbs, you can contact Ideal Real Estate. Based in Florida, they are here to assist you with all your real estate needs.

Make the Most Out of Your Lot

With a plethora of different design choices to choose from, make sure not to make the mistake of settling for a lodging place that doesn’t fit your budget, needs and most importantly, the lot! Armed with the right advice and design from experienced professionals, every square metre of your land is valuable and can be put to the best possible use.

Unfortunately, developers, surveyors and councils will always control, the amount of land your house can occupy, the colours and materials allowed such as the types of windows you can or cannot use. This can impact the external appearance of your home and limit the interior space (which is already very limited). Fortunately, a good design can bring functionality to even the smallest areas, and the proper materials can add character to your home’s exterior. Hiring professional design services can actually turn out to be your saving grace.

Choose the Jewel in The Crown

Choose the right people to work with you! Be comfortable talking to your builder. After all, you’ll be working together for months. A builder needs to be able to guide you every step of the way, from initial design to customizing product choices. Before proceeding, it’s always wise to confirm the builder’s credibility – consider checking out some dwellings built by the contractor in the past and their resale data.

Whether its consultants, building lawyers, developers, designers, drafters or builders, they all have a role to play in helping you build the perfect house that is both low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing. Architects and home-builders advertise their work online, making it easier for you to browse and choose from brochures (so take advantage of it!). It’s also helpful to get some ideas from dwellings you spot along the way and ask your contractor to bring that idea into the design.

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