Creating Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

Creating Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

You don’t have to go to the fancy cafĂ© around the corner to enjoy a delicious espresso, filter coffee, cappuccino, or latte macchiato. Make it at home! With a mobile coffee corner, you have freshly brewed coffee at your fingertips all around the house. Bring out the barista in you and create the most beautiful coffee corner at home with these few tips!

1) The Setting

Prepare yourself for a relaxing weekend by placing your coffee bar in the coziest spot in your kitchen or any other area you wish for. Place plush pillows, fresh flowers, and your favorite books next to the coffee machine.

2) Building the Countertop

Start by deciding on a countertop and choose a material that not only fits the overall decor but is also easy to clean. Stainless steel counters look chic and sharp, while granite or quartz add a touch of class. Wood counters also give a rustic appeal, but they can be tough to clean.

If you don’t want to keep your guests walking to the countertop for their coffee, you can also create a mobile cafe. Do you have a trolley or a cabinet on wheels at home? Turn it into a mobile bar! Just make sure the coffee table stays functional and safe.

Now that you have your countertop or mobile cafe, here are the things you’ll need to equip it.

3) A Good Coffee Machine

If there’s one thing that shouldn’t be missing from a coffee bar, it’s, of course, the coffee, which is the star. Of course, coffee also comes with the right coffee machine. You can opt to use a regular coffee machine where you prepare all your coffee in advance. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does change the coffee a bit.

You can also choose a capsule coffee machine or an espresso machine. Your guests can choose how strong they want their coffee, and you can have different flavors at the coffee bar. In addition, a serving of espresso is often included with many types of coffee, such as milk and cappuccino.

4) A Milk Frother

You can prepare a delicious cappuccino with a thin or thick layer of foam with a milk frother. The retro machine is also suitable for heating cold drinks such as chocolate milk.

5) Cappuccino Cups

Go back to the 70s and create a vintage vibe by serving your coffee in colorful cappuccino cups. Choose those made of high-quality ceramic. Not only are they helpful, but they will also complement the overall design of your coffee bar. In addition to cappuccino, the cups are also suitable for a cup of filter coffee or tea.

 Home Coffee Bar
Home Coffee Bar

6) Marble Coffee Coasters

Prevent coffee rings from forming around your coffee with these colorful marble coasters. Coffee markers with marble print are not only elegant but also lightweight.

7) A Glass Jar and A Sugar Bowl

Store fresh coffee beans in a glass jar. Thanks to the airtight packaging, your coffee beans will retain their flavor. Besides the fact that the jar is convenient, the beans in the glass jar also look great. Don’t forget a sugar jar to store sugar for those who like their coffee sweet.

8) Spoons

Some people like stirring their coffee to disperse the cream. There are various types of coffee spoons of different designs available on the market today. For instance, sunflower spoons will make sitting down to coffee even more fun. These coffee spoons are usually about 20 cm long and therefore also ideal for tall latte macchiato glasses.

9) Treats

Stock up on coffee treats, whether homemade or store-bought and place them on a cake plate, so guests feel like they’re in their favorite cafe

Home Coffee
Home Coffee

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in creating your home coffee bar in the comments below!

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