The Importance of Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Property

The Importance of Home Inspection Before Purchasing a Property

Before buying a house, having it inspected is of crucial importance to avoid unpleasant surprises. The home inspection helps you make the best decision before signing the sales contract. It also allows you to have more information about the property you are about to buy after a technical consultation. Indeed, the inspector reports to you the details concerning the state of the house as well as the critical problems which can touch your safety and prevent you from enjoying it thoroughly. So, discover through this article why a house must be inspected before being bought.

To Assess the Condition of the House

Buying a home involves a considerable investment on the buyer’s part, even if the house looks perfect and renovations have just been done. There may still be imperfections from the moment it is built that could impact it for the rest of its life. Furthermore, a home inspection allows us to detect hidden defects in parts that are difficult to access. Indeed, discovering hidden defects in your house can lead to additional heavy work and even necessary expenses because you will have to resort to the services of a real estate expert to remedy them. During the home inspection, you will also learn about the relative lifespan of the components of the building materials, including their waterproofing, solidity, and the renovations that have been done.

To Help You Make a Decision

When buying a house, not everyone has the same knowledge of building as renovation. The inspection report allows you to understand everything about the situation of the home you are about to buy. Depending on the information provided by the expert regarding the condition of the house, you can decide if you want the property in its current state or not.

To Better Negotiate the Price of the House

The report provided by the real estate inspector after a technical consultation allows you to report on the condition of the house you are going to buy. This helps you to estimate the value of the home in a real way concerning the documents provided. Apart from that, when setting the price, consider the price of the work to be done in case of potential non-conformities. For example, water infiltration is found even after coating the exterior facades during the inspection. All this can influence the price of the house by supporting your arguments on the inspection report. In addition, the real estate expert can assist and advise during the price negotiation between the buyer and the seller and help to find a fair settlement for both.

To Protect Your Health

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, home inspection is essential to protect your health. The real estate expert performing the inspection knows if the various real estate diagnoses have been carried out in the house to be sold, especially the asbestos diagnosis. The latter represents a dangerous element for the health of the future buyer.

Furthermore, the inspector will tell you what materials the house was built with, and what materials the owner used to cover the house. This may not be good for your health, especially your children’s health. Sometimes, due to the poor insulation of the attic, moisture seeps in and creates mold in the basement causing unpleasant odors and dirtying the air. This can cause illness, especially for people who already have breathing problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to have the house inspected before buying or selling.

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