What You Need To Know About Being a Real Estate Agent in France

What You Need To Know About Being a Real Estate Agent in France

Are you passionate about real estate? Do you have good business sense? The job of a real estate agent is perhaps made for you. We will provide you with some information that may be useful to you in the following lines.

The Missions of a Real Estate Agent

Holder of a professional card issued by the prefect, this real estate professional will have various missions in his charge. He will have to succeed in selling or renting houses, apartments, and commercial or industrial premises. The real estate agent puts a property owner in contact with a potential buyer or tenant, thus playing the intermediary role.

In relation to a property owner, the real estate agent must sign a mandate with him. He must then evaluate the value and price of the property to be sold or rented. He will then get to work and find buyers or tenants. When he has collected all the offers to buy or rent, he will have to present them to the owner.

He has to give them all the necessary information about the property concerning the potential buyers or tenants. If the client is convinced, the real estate agent will have to accompany the client to visit the property in question. But before going any further, he must check if these potential clients have the necessary income to purchase the property.

When the owner and the client have agreed, the real estate agent will finalize the transaction and the administrative details. He will then contact the notary to validate the final deed of sale. He will then accompany the 2 parties in the signature of the sales contract or the lease contract.

The Qualities and Skills of a Real Estate Agent

First of all, the real estate agent must be someone who knows the real estate market. He must be aware of the prices, the novelties, and especially the customer’s requirements concerning a house. He must also be persuasive, very good at communication, available to make various trips, and well organized and versatile. In addition, he must have a good command of commercial and negotiation techniques and a solid foundation in law and economics related to real estate. They must also have a broad knowledge of urban planning and learn several languages.

There are several training courses to become a real estate agent in France. First of all, it is necessary to have a minimum of 2 years of higher education (BTS PI – real estate profession). It is also possible to continue these studies by obtaining a bac+3 (license pro real estate profession: management and administration of property/license professional real estate: management and development of real estate/bachelor in real estate …) or to have acquired a more advanced training by obtaining a bac+5 (Master pro real estate law / Master in public law / Master in real estate/business school degree).

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The Salary and Career Development of a Real Estate Agent

A beginner always starts their career by working for a real estate agency. After obtaining his diploma, the real estate agent will be entitled to his professional card. A beginner real estate agent’s salary is between 1500 and 2000 euros per month. A more experienced real estate agent, on the other hand, can earn between 2000 and 5000 euros per month.

With the acquisition of experience, the real estate agent can apply for a sales manager or animator job. They may also decide to become an agency manager or even create their own real estate agency.

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