Why Call On an Architect

Why Call On an Architect

Real Estate: Why Call On an Architect

 Whatever it is, a renovation project generates costs and aims to modify the living space to bring more comfort or surface. Having recourse to an architect can make it possible to evaluate the needs and desires and adapt the project to the budget.

 Note: the use of an architect for the execution of work on an existing building may also be mandatory.

Calling an architect can be an obligation

Real Estate: Why Call On an Architect

 An architect is mandatory for most projects requiring a building permit. For example, it will be essential to involve a professional in a request for a change of use of a building or an extension project involving an excess of the 150 m² floor area threshold.

 He will then take care of the constitution of the application file with the concerned authorities and its follow-up until the agreement is obtained.

 Choosing an architect

 A renovation project has a lot at stake for the client. The investment, financial and personal, must meet the expectations of improving its living environment. The architect allows making the project reliable by:

 – evaluating the client’s needs according to his situation, his way of life, his desires;

 – providing technical advice on optimization solutions on certain complexities;

 – taking into account the load-bearing nature of partitions by proposing reorganizations involving the removal of intermediate partitions;

 – taking “risks”, controlled thanks to its experience and knowledge of the building, allowing to gain in originality, in functionality;

 – realizing a provisional budget;

 – increasing the value of a property by including the phrase “renovated by an architect,” which ensures that the property is unique and well-thought-out;

 – advising the consumer based on his understanding of the administrative procedures (agreement joint ownership, justifications to be provided by a note of calculation in the event of an attack to the carrying elements of the structure…).

 The architect’s missions

 For a renovation project, as for new construction, the missions entrusted to the architect can be varied:

 He evaluates the needs and the potential of the house. Available freely, he allows the interested customer to know the observed criteria to define the axes of improvement.

 They create the project’s design plans and select the materials to be used.

 He consults the contractors who carry out the work and uses his address book. He then follows the execution of the work (project management mission) until delivery.

 These missions and their attribution must be decided upon with the chosen supplier before starting the project for more excellent reliability and efficacy.

 How to choose the right architect?

 There is no specific architecture diploma for renovation. However, an architect can concentrate on this project and make it his specialty. It is thus advisable to choose his provider, after consultation, according to specific criteria.


 It is advised to deal with an experienced architect, strong of a particular experience, proposing many references.


 You can also choose to deal with an architect of lesser reputation: a young architect who has to prove himself looks for beautiful projects to create references. Moreover, the fees can be lower.


 The service price can vary between 8 and 15 % of the total amount of work, and it will depend on the extent of the missions and the architect.

 Advice: it will be advisable to draft a clause in the contract to avoid excessive overrun of fees. Specific renovation projects, making appear many new facts, not “anticipable”, will establish additional works for the companies. These will increase the global amount of the works and thus the architect’s fees.

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