A Building Lot or Buildable Land, Which One To Buy?

A Building Lot or Buildable Land, Which One To Buy?

This is it! You think you finally have the necessary means to realize one of your dearest dreams: that of building a house. But before that, you’ll have to find the land that can accommodate it, and it’s often the type of land that is difficult to choose. Indeed, we do not know if a building plot is suitable for constructing a house. Fortunately for you, we have compared the advantages of each type of land to make your choice easier.

Definitions and Characteristics

To better understand the rest of this article, we think it is essential that you know how to distinguish between the two types of land. That’s why a little definition is necessary.

A Building Lot

A building plot is a plot of land ready for new construction. This means that the servicing work has already been done. To recognize, it has the following elements:

– a connection to the sewage system if it is included in the public sewage system zone;

– a public or private access road;

– access to drinking water and the electrical and telephone networks;

– a connection to the gas network (optional)

From a legal point of view, the building plot must be located in a zone considered buildable by public urban planning document.

A Buildable Land

This is a suitable plot of land and is not ready for new construction. This means that it has only been the subject of a viability study. Thus, it does not yet benefit from the various elements of viability like the building lot.

In addition, unlike the latter, the building land can already have buildings on it.

Nevertheless, for a property to be considered buildable, it must have the physical capacities and legal authorization to receive construction.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

The choice of a property depends mainly on your needs and conditions. But it is still a good idea to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two types of land. This will help you find the one that best meets your expectations.

Building Land, the Choice of a Reliable Construction

If we had to convince you to buy a building lot in a few words, we would say that it is the most rational choice you can make.

Indeed, the fact that it is ready for construction facilitates the installation of the various technical facilities of the future house. Therefore, you can be sure that it has the essential equipment to be functional.

The only drawback of a building lot is that you will not have much freedom to choose the construction plan because of the servicing work already done.

Moreover, the price of a building plot is higher than that of a buildable land (a difference of at least 20 €/m2). However, your expenses will be lower by investing in it. Indeed, you will be able to buy a building plot at a low price, but you will have to take care of the servicing works. This would be the same price, or even higher, than a building plot.

Construction Site, Bulldozer, Backhoe, Heavy Equipment

Buildable Land for Construction in Your Way

The purchase of a buildable plot allows you to benefit from real advantages. First of all, you will have control over the location and orientation of your new building. Indeed, the absence of various connection elements gives you more freedom.

One of the most significant advantages of a buildable lot is its purchase price. If you check the real estate ads, chances are you will find a large building lot at a reasonable price to build your home on.

Moreover, it remains a safe investment in the long term. Indeed, once you have built your house, the price of the land will be worth more than its purchase price.

Finally, earthworks will be necessary, whether it’s a building lot or a buildable plot. So, plan to call on an excavation company.

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