What Budget Should I Plan for the Purchase of a Mobile Home?

What Budget Should I Plan for the Purchase of a Mobile Home?

During the vacation period, accommodation issues are tough to manage. This is why more and more people are opting to buy a mobile home. The mobile home can be used as a second home and is also very popular for vacations. This type of investment is advantageous on many points, but it must consider many elements. It is also recommended to call upon a company specialized in the field to purchase all serenity.

The Advantages of a Mobile Home

A mobile home is an exciting solution for vacation accommodation, particularly for camping or country vacations.

For a Comfortable Accommodation

During vacations, comfort is often the most neglected element when camping. However, by opting for the mobile home, it is possible to benefit from more comfort (well-insulated house, air conditioning, and furniture)

The Ideal Accommodation for Family Vacations

The mobile home is the ideal type of accommodation for family vacations. A mobile home has space for up to 8 people at an affordable price, making it suitable for large families.

Buy or Rent, Factors To Consider When Choosing

Should you buy or rent a mobile home? The question often comes up, and it isn’t easy to choose. The decision to purchase or rent a mobile home depends solely on your needs during your outdoor trip. If you often vacation with your family and enjoy the comfort of camping, buying is the best option.

However, renting is more than enough if you are not a fan of camping and only want to experience it once.

Points To Consider When Buying a Mobile Home

The purchase of a mobile home is a significant investment that must consider many factors.

The Budget Allocated to the Project

It is essential to define a budget to purchase this type of property. The size of the motorhome, its classification, the equipment that goes with it, and the location are all points that influence the cost of the acquisition. Thus, to purchase a mobile home (new and mid-range), you should count between 23,000 and 50,000 euros (excluding additional fees).

The Choice of the Seller

The choice of the manufacturer and the seller is also essential in a mobile home purchase project. In this case, two options are available to you:


This is often the option chosen for purchasing a used mobile home. However, in this type of transaction, there is no guarantee, which forces you to pay particular attention to specific elements: the age of the mobile home, the functioning of the equipment, the agreement of the campsite manager, etc.

Expert Distributors and Manufacturers

This is the most reassuring and recommended option. Indeed, by choosing a company specialized in the construction and sale of mobile homes, you will benefit from advice on making the right choice, personalized assistance, and help with transporting and installing your mobile home. You can even have your mobile home custom built to meet your expectations perfectly.

Additional Costs for the Purchase of a Mobile Home

In addition to the acquisition cost, other expenses are also to be expected in purchasing your mobile home.

  • The price of the purchase or rental of the plot of land: from 2,000 euros per year (rental) and 250 euros per m² for the purchase.
  • The equipment to increase the comfort of the mobile home: from 150 to 2,000 euros each for heating and air conditioning; 250 to 1,500 euros for the installation of an awning and 700 euros for a terrace.
  • The additional costs: installation, transport and the various insurances, for a total of 7 000 to 10 000 euros.

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