6 Qualities that Make a Great Home

6 Qualities that Make a Great Home

Buyers spend a lot of time searching for homes on the Internet, visiting homes or talking to real estate agents, neighbors, friends and family about their future apartment. Their goal is to find the best home they can afford, but sometimes they don’t stop to take a good look at the home itself, thinking that in a few years they’ll probably be on the other side of the house as a seller.

Yet there are certain things to consider to determine the house value. And, that’s exactly what we are going to uncover today! Read on.

  1. Location

The famous L of the real estate market. There is probably nothing more important to a house when you are going to sell it. You can have the worst house in the world with the worst kitchen or bathroom, but if it’s in a good location, you’ll sell it (as long as it’s priced right). And the reverse also works.

But location is not just a good neighborhood. Location within a district, neighborhood, apartment block and neighborhood is important. This is important to remember when choosing a home and if you are deciding between homes.

  1. Proximity to Schools

Proximity to schools is also an added value for a home. Many times, buyers even start their search around a certain school where they go or plan to enroll their children. Thus, it is not uncommon for homes located around the best schools to be priced higher than the same homes in the locality. Therefore, even if you don’t plan to have children in the short term, it makes sense to buy a home near an area with a good school supply.

  1. The Urbanization

The location of the house in the urbanization or building is also important. It is not the same to be outside overlooking the street as in a large courtyard, or to live in a quiet place or above the garbage room or the community’s social room which will cause more odor or noise respectively.

Also, south facing is usually the most desired for light and it is also important to know the views from the main rooms, the height of the house, etc. When a seller has a bright house or one with good views, they are always more likely to sell it than others with windows overlooking the neighbor’s or no light at all times of day.

  1. Safety of the Neighborhood

A spacious or good quality home in a problematic neighborhood is devalued. It may be a good idea to check out the surroundings, crime rate or nightlife before buying a house. To do this, in addition to “diving” into all possible documentation, you should visit the house on different days and at different times. A house can be quiet at noon, but be a hot spot on weekend nights.

  1. Services within Walking Distance

Walkability to many amenities becomes a key factor in the home search process. People want a home from which they can walk to stores and school. The ability to walk to work or public transportation (bus, subway, etc.) is an added bonus. Having a home with these features will also save us money in gas and time in commuting.

  1. The Neighbors

You may have found the perfect home, on the best street, in the best school district, and in a great urbanization, but it can still happen that circumstances beyond the control of the listing ruin your home. Specifically, we’re talking about the neighbors. Having bad neighbors can make you despair and ruin your dream of a brand new home, as anyone who has experienced it will tell you.

In addition to visiting the neighborhood in the morning, afternoon and evening, make sure that the closest neighbors are friendly enough to maintain a good coexistence. You will be spending too many hours with them to leave this to chance. Ask the neighbors, the doorman, and if in doubt, don’t hesitate to ring the doorbell and introduce yourself as a possible future neighbor to get first-hand information.

There you are! You now know the 6 qualities of a great home and what to look for if you’re buying one or what you know what others will look for when you will be selling. Have we missed any? Share them in the comments below.

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