Golden Neighborhoods: 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in America

Golden Neighborhoods: 5 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in America

From new urban to retro rural, you’ve got different types of neighborhoods in America. But, what stands out the most are the luxurious and picturesque communities that were designed to impress.

Let’s have a look at some of them.

#1. Port Royal – Naples, Florida

Port Royal – Naples, Florida

Looking for a stylish beachfront house, graced with fine architecture and surrounded by exquisite sandy beaches, then Port Royal should be the first one on your list of visits.”

One look at one of the most treasured neighborhoods of Florida and no one would have guessed it used to be a “useless” swampland.

Lying on the southern end of Naples, only John Glen Sample saw the potential of the swampland and only he heard the voice of a potential opulent real estate community crying out to him. And so, the latter invested in the area with the ambition “to make Port Royal the finest place in the world to live.”

As a matter of fact, I think he did succeed.

Today, settled along the crystal-blue waters of Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Port Royal represents a truly breathtaking and one of the finest neighborhoods in America.

Shaped by a colorful and less-than-100-years-history and named after the Jamaican hub for pirates, the waterfront community speaks of a sophisticated and modern area with luxurious houses styled with heated pools, koi ponds and comfortable outdoor spaces. Along with its exceptional views, it also offers a serene environment for enjoyable walks on the beach, safe boating opportunities and other reliable outdoor activities.

Known as one of the most favoured destinations for many celebrities and for just anyone who’s filthy-rich, this neighborhood stands at a value of $8,200,000.

#2. Silicon Valley – California

Silicon Valley – California

By bringing Silicon Valley to the screen several times, Hollywood has zoomed on one of the sleekest and wealthy neighborhoods of America.

But, I guess this area draws its wealth from the success of tech and stock markets.

For those who are aliens to this world, Silicon Valley is known to home the world’s best tech titans and high-ranking billionaires. And, as you can expect, it also provides a hotbed for tech start-ups. If you look at it, the founders of Facebook, Tesla, Google and Oracle had their genesis in this neighborhood.

Known as a hot place which created legends of successful venture capitalists, real estate moguls and the legendary filmmakers, Silicon Valley stands at an estimated value of $5,706,250.

#3. Atherton – California

Atherton – California

If the richest zip codes make good neighbors, then Atherton should have been filled with good neighbors.

Just one tour around the neighborhood and you’ll discover a whole new level of money.

Taking the no. 1 spot on Bloomberg’s list of the richest places in US, Atherton is full of mansion craziness.

As a wealthy residence hosting tech billionaires like the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and Google chairman Eric Schmidt, this high-tech place is where the rich are getting richer.

If you are in for a little visit, chances are you’ll probably see a lot of gated mansions, barricades of large oak trees and lots of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.

#4. Beacon Hill – Boston, Massachusetts

Beacon Hill – Boston, Massachusetts

No one would have known that this picturesque and stunningly charming region is one of the oldest neighborhoods in US.

But, the more shocking fact is how it was deemed as an “undesirable” and “unpleasant” area by Boston residents during the 17th and 18th centuries.

I doubt they’ll say the same thing if they take a look at it today.

Carrying an air of dignity and rich history, this area shines with historic yet elegant homes, brick streets, local boutiques, gorgeous English-style gardens, cultural and authentic places.

This ancient, yet expensive and impressive region has a desirable value of $5,136,700.

#5. Shady Canyon – Orange County, California’s

Shady Canyon – Orange County, California’s

Standing at an estimated value of $5,700,000, Shady Canyon is a luxurious region that combines the classic Mediterranean vibe with the gorgeous Tuscany-style architecture.

Living in this pricey neighborhood symbolizes a life of unmatched comfort, affluent activities and being surrounded by nature-rich scenes.

If you are a golf enthusiast or have a weakness for whirlpool spa, outdoor fireplace and an outdoor barbecue, you cannot miss this place.

Based on the real estate values, do you think you can afford to reside in such neighborhoods?

For me, it’s a definite yes. That is, after spending three lifetimes toiling for it.




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