Investing in New Real Estate in Strasbourg

Investing in New Real Estate in Strasbourg

Investing in New Real Estate in Strasbourg

The people of Strasbourg will surely tell you that their city is a great place to live. There’s no denying it: Strasbourg has economic, tourist, demographic and cultural assets which may convince you to invest in real estate. Do you have a real estate investment project? In this article, we will present you the advantages of investing in new property, the particularities of Strasbourg and the districts of Strasbourg that might interest you.

Investing in new real estate, the advantages

There’s no denying it: if you look at the price, old real estate has an advantage over new real estate. However, investing in new real estate comes with many other advantages. For this real estate acquisition, apart from the property’s price, you have to pay other expenses, such as notary fees, and those in new real estate are cheaper. When you make the purchase, you must also think about the expenses that the property will generate. If you choose a new property, these are really reduced.

Investing in a new property is also a guarantee of security and durability. You are sure that you have put your money into something that will last over time, and in the coming years, you will not have any bad surprises.

As for profitability, there is no question: new real estate is often more profitable. The investment in the new real estate will be able to make you profit from many financial bits of help of the State. Tenants are also more interested in new properties than in old ones. Yes, they are more concerned about the quality of the housing where they will live. They prefer to put a few extra euros in the rent if the housing is designed with healthy materials and low environmental impact.

Why Strasbourg and not another city?

For your real estate project, we can propose you a good list of cities, but why choose Strasbourg instead of Nantes, Lyon or Lille? Strasbourg has several assets that can guarantee the success of your real estate investment. Did you know that? Strasbourg is a UNESCO world heritage city due to its history and heritage.

Today, it is also fully focused on the future. We have many urban projects that will be carried out in the months and years to come. Among the largest projects underway is the Wacken Europe international business district. This being said, Strasbourg will offer good employment prospects in the years to come. Perhaps this is why it is one of the French cities that attracts the newest residents. Investing in real estate in this city can be very profitable.

Strasbourg is also known as the Capital of Europe, which suggests that it is a very lively city. Yes, we have the dynamism of large metropolises, but we also have a certain calm and serenity that prevails in Strasbourg. It is, therefore, a city that attracts both young professionals and families. Strasbourg is also an attractive city for students. Every year, nearly 45,000 young Europeans come to Strasbourg to study. Whether you choose an apartment or a house for this investment, your property will easily find a tenant.

In which areas of Strasbourg should I look for a property?

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As in all cities, some areas are more interesting for investors than others. For Strasbourg, in particular, the hyper center will not go unnoticed, but there are other areas that should not be overlooked. Here are the districts in Strasbourg that you should consider for your real estate investment.

The hyper center

For any real estate investment, one must study the heart of the city, and for Strasbourg, it is the hyper center. Here, we find ourselves in the historic center of the city. The hyper center is not as old as you might think because new shops and local services have arrived, making this area more dynamic. It is a very popular area for young professionals, but the concern is that you will need a large budget for your investment. You can find new properties with prices that can exceed 3,000 euros per square meter.

The Starlette district

This is another area of Strasbourg that is experiencing great development. Starlette attracts all types of tenants, particularly families. This neighbourhood can be described as a belvedere in the city. On the west side, there is a park that runs along the Vauban, and on the east side, the Parc du Petit Rhin. Here, the buildings are located at different levels, which allows the homes to enjoy maximum light and an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. As the area is becoming more popular, the real estate market in this area is booming. If you make the right choices, investing in new homes in the Starlette neighbourhood can be very profitable.

The Orangerie Park

This is another very popular neighbourhood and one of the most expensive in Strasbourg. This high price can be explained in part by the fact that the Orangerie is a very busy area. This is where the Council of Europe and the European Parliament are located. There is also a high demand for rentals, as this area is within walking distance of the center and the universities. Whether you choose a studio for students or a T4 apartment for families for your real estate project, you will have no difficulty renting it. However, you should count between 3,500 and 3,800 euros per square meter.

Even if you have already made up your mind about the area where you are going to buy your property, don’t rush into it. The important thing is to make your investment profitable, so don’t be afraid of other areas such as Petite France or Hautepierre. Your new property should be located in an area where you feel comfortable, where there are shops and services nearby and which offers various means of transportation.

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